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I try to pinpoint words that when strung together, like beads in a necklace, express something with texture and richness; I hope for the occasional sparkle of a well placed gem. I frequently fail miserably. But on a good day, as with a candid photo, I unexpectedly capture a heartbeat, and it feels as if I've successfully seized fog with my hands.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Admit It

Okay. You're right. I admit it. I got some kinda girl crush goin' on here. 

Clever, imaginative, beautiful, lady-like, strong, courageous. With  history, too. If you haven't visited this blog, you're missing something special. Get there. Now. Especially for today's post. 


  1. you are likely my most devoted reader,, mz. pamela. thank you :)

  2. Let's change that. There should be many more.