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Random, With Panini on the Side

Have you ever noticed that it doesn’t matter how you pronounce a word, the masses will be saying it the “other” way, and there are usually multiple other ways, none of which you’re using?  If you switch, the next person you meet will be saying it differently, probably the way you used to say it.  It's as if there's a hidden Universal law. It has little to do with how a word should be pronounced and almost everything to do with how someone has heard it most often or learned along the way, maybe from their favorite third grade teacher. Or, from their dad. Like me. When I used to say in-TEG-ral, because Dad did. Then I learned differently and said IN-te-gral which he immediately corrected. So we made a bet and hit the dictionary.  He paid up. A black raspberry milkshake at the Blue Ribbon Creamery. It was delicious. For more than one reason.  Now we have a lot of “common usage” crap and it’s difficult to know what a proper pronunciation is. Enough people saying a word incorrectl…

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