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Dear Readers

Happy New Year! May 2019 find you healthy and happy and pursuing activities that are closest to your heart. Those endeavors, no matter how they unfold, will eventually bring you the greatest satisfaction and I hope great rewards as well.

Speaking of things close to my heart, a few months back I started a blog called,  Checking the Rear View Mirror and as I like to do, I'm telling stories.

It occurred to me that I'm an "old lady" in the eyes of my grandsons. I came to this conclusion out of my experience with my grandmother, Fanny, who was just a bit older than I when she died. I adored her and loved being with her; she was different than anyone else I knew in part because she was so old.  Kinda like Moses' first cousin if only he'd been Italian.

She was only 70 when she died and I was 12 years old.

I decided to write stories nearly exclusively about my childhood and family of origin. My hope is one day the boys will be able to create a visual of Gramma when s…

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