Now and Then

Twice Grady has been in the house when the light shone a certain way and spirits came to visit. 

The first time, morning streamed into the living room and I was again his age, at Fanny’s house on Myrtle Street. I remembered every detail of waking up while she made Grandpa’s coffee and I gathered my toys to play in the dining room next to the French doors. The same way Grady lined up his planes and cars next to the sunny glass slider. I watched him but I could feel young me; I smelled Fanny’s burnt toast, followed by the sound of her scraping the dark bits into the sink with the back of a knife.

It happened again on a late afternoon, just before dinner. As I set the table I saw my grandmother placing her blue and white plates on her table in the breakfast nook, and my kitchen filled with the aroma of hers. I could hear Grady playing with Pop-Pop as I finished making the meal and I remembered waiting with anticipation - what would Grandma place on the table for dinner? Always something wonderful, something I loved. Dinner will be ready soon, Tatina…

For the following days I smelled her fragrant sauce and sensed her walking the hallways. Was I at her house, or she at mine?

I was grandmother and grandchild with snapshots hurtling me through time while I helped Grady build a past he’ll remember in his future. Both places, both times at once. Dancing ghosts; delightful memories. Darling boy.

It was eerie. It was wonderful.

I’m in love with this child. The way I was in love with Fanny.

Photo credit Shea King


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