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I read this blog piece this morning. It resonated for me because it's significant for its thinking about art and I believe has broader application.

I share it with you hoping the article will jog your memory. Has a previous experience provided you with a perfect, undiscovered answer just waiting to be applied to a current dilemma? I'm pretty certain my own answer is, Yes!

Enjoy! And if you do, pop by the artist's website. I'm sure she'd love to meet you. Or visit her Facebook fan page. 

Joyce Wycoff                     


  1. So enjoyed the Cookies and Art -- thanks for sharing. If you want to write a comment on my post why writers write and artists post their art ck my blog.

    Otherwise, know you like me so oft do wander and cannot visit every visitors blog.

    Best to you.

  2. Pamela ... thanks for passing along the Cookies and Art post. And, I love your crayon metaphor ... of course, one of my favorite quotes comes from Mary Catherine Bateson who says, "Our species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories."


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