Sweet Surprise

I leaned into the cart to pull out my items. To set them on the moving belt. At the counter. In the grocery store.  

Ahead of me uniformed men finished their transaction. Kinda like firemen. I mentally logged them in. Without paying much attention. They were laughing. Talking. With the cashier. 

Waiting my turn. Lost in thought. Maybe I was staring. The Star. A tabloid butt wearing a bikini.

The last man ahead, he turned and caught my eye.

“Would you do me a favor, please?” He stretched my way.

“Pardon me?”

“Please. Take this. And buy yourself some flowers.”

He handed me a coupon. $10 off your next shopping order

Ah. They were firefighters stocking their pantry.

“Buy yourself some pretty flowers. From me.”

Young and handsome. Big grin, too. 

I’m too old to flirt with. Too young to help across a street. 
But I am just right for flowers. 

For no reason at all.

Thank you, CalFire man.

Not as much for the flowers as for protecting my beautiful state. Eureka.

Though the flowers? The perfect touch. My, oh my, sweet surprise. Heavenly thing to do.

Your mama. She musta been a lady. She raised a guy like you.

I don’t know your name, Firefightin' Man, or your mama’s either. If I did, I'd send a proper thank you. The lady thing to do. 

Instead, this is my best.

Thank you for makin' my day. 


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