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I'm getting emails and comments about "Ponytail". This is what you might want to know about that post. 

I was following my nose around blog-world this morning. By way of I Was Just Thinking, I found a widget to direct me to yet another blog. That click took me to The One-Minute Writer, where the author encourages everyone to write for 60 seconds and gives a daily writing prompt. Today's was hair

"Describe a memorable haircut or style you had as a child."

So that's what I did. 

I imagine some prompts may be difficult, that nothing might bubble to the surface, never mind ability to capture in 60 seconds. But as you can see this one was easy for me. Save a photo added later and the correction of a typo, I was good to go.

If you enjoy writing, visit The One-Minute Writer.  It was helpful and really fun, too. Hey, it's only a minute, right?



  1. As you know, I love the One-Minute Writer. Thanks for reminding me about it. I shall now return to the site and resume my one-minute writing. It is easy to get out of a good habit.

    Thanks for sharing my blog on yours.



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