Way Too Much Talkin'

We got some talkin’ to do!

Pa-leez, ladies, no more walking through store check-out lines jabberin’ on your cell phones while some minimum wage makin’ man or woman rings up your purchases and bags your stuff. Talkin’ the whole time to someone who isn't there while ignoring the ones who are. You expect decent service from folks you treat like machinery? 

I know sometimes they don’t smile but they are real. With blood and breath and everything. You can ignore them but it is NOT ladylike. They have plenty of chances in a day to have a bad one and a single smile and hello from you, as though you know they’re alive, can make all the difference. 

How many times you get to make a difference just by bein’ you with a big ol’ grin? Why you leavin' all the really great smiles to the gents? Look at this guy. How cool is he? Doesn't he make you feel great?

C’mon now. Put that little thingamajiggy down, pretty pink girl case and all. I’ll even give you the words to use.                    

“Excuse me. May I call you back? I’m at the check stand now.”

Better yet, when you’re givin’ your girlfriend advice about her soon-to-be-ex-situation, go outside. Please don't make her business my business. Got too much of my own already.

Okay then. Now that we’re all clear, back to your phones.


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