Reblog ~ "Extreme Forgiveness"

Some stories nearly tell themselves. We can be lulled into thinking that a teller need only assemble a few words so they can pass a good one along.  


A story that nearly tells itself needs a deft touch, a light hand; a few stitches to knit it together, a flashlight to highlight the required areas, then a speedy getaway so the story teller doesn’t get in the way. She leaves the benefit of the tale to its reader without distraction or interference. 

That isn't easy.

This is an exquisite story about life, what it asks of some of us – almost too much to bear, and then even more. For me, someone naturally inclined to observe and ponder human nature, I easily felt the grip of this narrative.

The author who penned this blog entry says of herself, “I am a convergent media artist, photographer, author, blogger and joyful student of life.” 

Her self-description shows in this lovely piece.

I hope you enjoy it as I did. If so, spend some time with the author, Joyce Wycoff, at and send her a note. I’m sure she’d love to hear from you. 

Below Joyce's artwork is a link to "Extreme Forgiveness," on her blog. 

"Crack in the World"

by Joyce Wycoff


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